Interior Design: An unusual thrift haul car is back on the road...YEAH!

First stop...the thrift store...too bad there was slim pickings today.

I always check out the sewing/knick-knack section of my local thrift store...

I don't always score there...but, I did today.
thread, zippers and elastic

all this thread...just $3.99 for the lot!  One spool of thread can run you $5.00 in the NYC

20...metal zippers with a decorative pull...$1.99 for the lot...retail value $3.99 each

350 yds of elastic...WHAT?!  $2.99...Retail value....$$$$

I just couldn't leave this little tea towel...brand new and just .99 cents...will make washing dishes a little more pleasant for Mini...
Total spent...just $8.51

I may start sewing


  1. you did great!!! :) and the tea towel is stunning

    1. Hey Mrs. Chic...

      I heart the tea towel's so cute.

  2. My kind of shopping! Good look'n out on the tea towel for...Mini! :)

    1. Yep...Mini is really enjoying that

  3. wow. nice score! i always loves when i can find items like this at thrift shops or garage sales.

    lol @ mini having a pleasant experience washing dishes with the new towel. :-)

    1. Hi,

      I can't believe all the cool stuff I got...almost for free girl..and you know Mini is enjoying that tea towel, Not! lol.


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