All Black Everything....

Black walls never go out of style...just my opinion.  I still have a black wall in my bedroom after 5 years...and I'm not tired of it yet.  It's the only color that never gets old to me...I'm well into fall nesting...well, at least in my mind...and I really want to take down my gallery wall and paint it black....and hang something simple...

These are the images that are inspiring my decision today...fall 2018


My Poshmark store is open!

If you love great vintage and modern bohemian fashion...give it a look.  Guaranteed you will look good.

Hello...Is anybody there?

I'm an advocate for people with sickle cell disease in New York City.  I help people with SCD with their issues, housing issues, educational issues, etc.  Hard, emotionally draining work.  It could be one of the reasons I haven't blogged in so long.

Mini just started her second semester at Spelman College, she is an International Studies major with a minor in Business Organization...and just for extra sauce, she is on the honor roll...Love me some her.

I'm still living in NYC...In my apartment, which has now become my empty nest.   

I'm just trying to figure out the next here we go. 

My Latest Obsession...The Blanket Coat

Well, I wouldn't exactly call it my latest obsession...I have had a lifetime obsession with the blanket coat, aka poncho, aka shawl. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I rock this style even when out of style. I don't really care about trends, I just do when "ME" comes back in style...I just smile and carry on. 

Be inspired.

How I envision my new life...

So, now that Mini is away in college...I have lots of time to imagine what's next for's a little difficult to explain...and people are always asking, "what are you going to do now?"  It's do I know?  I just trust the universe knows what's in my heart...and this video is what's in my heart.  How I'd like to live version.
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