Another edition of how I'd Like to Live - Today

As most of you already know, I put up a horizontal privacy wall on my terrace last year.  This is not it.  If you want to read all about it click here.  This is an image of how I would love to decorate my terrace this year.  I recently purchased very similar furniture from IKEA.  Now if I can just get the terrace cleaned off...

Oh, sigh...I would love to vacation here...not live here...just vacation.  Too white.  

This is perfection.  A hammock.  I have wanted a hammock since I was a little girl...someday.
My current terrace situation is not big enough for day.

Now this is more like my terrace in size and furniture...I could do this.

Okay.  Yes.  I'll talk it all.  The stone floors...the stone pots for plants...and don't even get me started on that bench and table...I will leave it up to the thrift gods.

The wall we built on my terrace is similar to this one...How cute.

Okay...Yes.  Now we are thinking.  Can you image a retractable terrace.  Well of course you can I just showed you  Genius.

Okay...where do i begin?  The vertical garden...trendy, but I don't care...I love it.  Painted furniture on the terrace...yes, yes, and yes...I will have it.

More painted furniture...this isn't technically a terrace...more of a sunroom...but, I love the eclectic, collected feel of the space.

Trees on the terrace.  It's a yes.  And NYC is giving away free trees...and I got too.  Granted they are small...more like bushes...but, they grow really fast...and I'm patient.
Here is the link to get your own free tree.  Don't say I never gave you guys

Yes. Zen, Ethnic, Glam...that's me.  I'll take it.

...and last but not least...I know some of you are wishing you had an outdoor space.  Well, I'm posting this pic to inspire you.  No matter how small...your space can be beautiful.  Who wouldn't want to sit out here and talk on the phone, check their instagram or just read blogs...I know I would.  It's not the size of your's the size of your imagination.

There you have it.  How I'd like to live today...If I could just clear all the clutter from my terrace.  Stay tuned.

Live the life you dream about.  I dare you.


  1. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm moving to a place with a balcony now and I can't wait to hook it up.

  2. I want the Zen terrace [le sigh].

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Live the life you dream about...I dare you.

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