The Struggle is Real...

With my bedroom that I write this I understand how privileged I am to have this problem.  It is not lost on me that most people are working too hard at their jobs or on with their families to worry about what their bedroom looks like.  

I remember working, hustling, running back and forth to doctors looking forward to a day when all I had to do was create my dream bedroom.  After all, the bedroom is our sanctuary...I really believe that. I believe that you should be able to walk in...close the door and be your true self...the self no one else should also be a place of seduction...a place where ideas, dreams and loved ones are put at ease and seduced into action.

Well, I've had a couple of years to do just that and no matter what I do to the never feels right.  Don't take my word for it...just click here to see all the transformations my room has been through...and still, it's not right.  I'm even thinking about switching rooms with Mini...but, it may be a little too late for that...she's off to college in two years...

I want a tribal/glam look...but, I just have too much stuff...I love every piece and don't want to part with any of it...but, I think I have to let go...sigh.

My bedroom has been a lot of colors, pink, green, blue, white...I once had a black wall just like this...and I think that's when I was happiest with the room...sigh.  May have to get it back.

I love the yellows in this room...but, yellow rooms bring arguments...and I don't have time for that...

Oh, the brick in this room is awesome...they sell sheets of faux brick paneling at Lowes for $30 a sheet...and I want some...

Check out this kitchen with it's faux brick paneled it.

I also love this graphic tribal painted would be cool behind my bed too...sigh.  I'd probably hate it 5 days later...

Check out this chair....I love the fabric and would love to have bedding with a similar feel...the curtains are perfect too...

...and then I can across this image.  SIGH!!!  YES!  Now I know exactly what to do...I need to paint my headboard!!!   Just like this and source white fabric with a small black pattern for curtains...Hum?  It may work...stay tuned.


  1. I went back through your archives of bedroom posts, mainly because I'm bored at work. But I came across this post and this is my favorite bedroom design of your room:

    1. Who's room is that...? LOL...sigh. I remember that room...that's before the blog...when I had that black wall...and I made all that bedding...sigh..

      Thanks for reminding me of this helps me going forward...first thing...make more bedding.

    2. You still have the mantel? I loved it most in your bedroom, it just brought a glam cozy feel to it.

    3. Yes..I still have the mantel. It's one of the things I'm thinking about getting rid's so big!

    4. Nooooooo don't do that : ( If I was in NY, I'd take it off your hands for sure.

  2. i love the tribal glam theory - sounds like it will be delightful, esp. if these are your inspiration pics. i also love that you said this is a good problem to have! what a nice perspective, i aim to be more like that.


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