I just wanna give a shout out...

I just want to give a shout out to my new instagram buddy, Ninah of the Ninahbee a jewelry store on Etsy.  She hooked me up just the other day with this beautiful...and I mean beautiful...necklace.  It is so glam...I love it...I normally gravitate to the boho tribal type jewelry...but, now I see this girl needs a little glam in her life.

Ninah designs custom pieces at amazingly reasonable prices...and this is not your F21 or H&M quality...no shade to them...I love their stuff too...actually just ordered a few pieces from them for my trip...anywho...back to Nina's jewels...her stuff is more like the costume jewels you'd find at Nordstrom's  or Macy's...I'd call it generous...not that tiny, fragile stuff you find everywhere today...
Take my word for it...and give her Etsy store a look...treat yourself...It's almost Valentine's Day.

"Live the life you dream about, I dare you."

New Headboard - DIY

I have been busy...updating my bedroom...if you follow me on Instagram you already know that...here are a couple of shots of my headboard DIY...
It's just a piece of plywood that I picked up at HomeDepot for around $20.00...I had them cut it down to queen headboard size...don't remember the exact measurements...but, if you want to make on...just measure the width of your bed...the height can be as tall or as short as you like...mine is pretty tall...of course this is just a cheap, temporary place holder for the real vintage headboard that I'm holding out for...I know I'll find one in the thrift store soon...but, until then...this will do... 

 I'm not done...it needs a little white paint...gotta get some...

Remember my inspiration????

The Struggle is Real...

With my bedroom that is...as I write this I understand how privileged I am to have this problem.  It is not lost on me that most people are working too hard at their jobs or on with their families to worry about what their bedroom looks like.  

I remember working, hustling, running back and forth to doctors looking forward to a day when all I had to do was create my dream bedroom.  After all, the bedroom is our sanctuary...I really believe that. I believe that you should be able to walk in...close the door and be your true self...the self no one else knows...it should also be a place of seduction...a place where ideas, dreams and loved ones are put at ease and seduced into action.

Well, I've had a couple of years to do just that and no matter what I do to the room...it never feels right.  Don't take my word for it...just click here to see all the transformations my room has been through...and still, it's not right.  I'm even thinking about switching rooms with Mini...but, it may be a little too late for that...she's off to college in two years...

I want a tribal/glam look...but, I just have too much stuff...I love every piece and don't want to part with any of it...but, I think I have to let go...sigh.

My bedroom has been a lot of colors, pink, green, blue, white...I once had a black wall just like this...and I think that's when I was happiest with the room...sigh.  May have to get it back.

I love the yellows in this room...but, yellow rooms bring arguments...and I don't have time for that...

Oh, the brick in this room is awesome...they sell sheets of faux brick paneling at Lowes for $30 a sheet...and I want some...

Check out this kitchen with it's faux brick paneled wall...love it.

I also love this graphic tribal painted wall...it would be cool behind my bed too...sigh.  I'd probably hate it 5 days later...

Check out this chair....I love the fabric and would love to have bedding with a similar feel...the curtains are perfect too...

...and then I can across this image.  SIGH!!!  YES!  Now I know exactly what to do...I need to paint my headboard!!!   Just like this and source white fabric with a small black pattern for curtains...Hum?  It may work...stay tuned.

How I'd Like to Live Today...New Orleans Edition

My birthday is in a couple weeks and I'm going to celebrate by spending a couple of days in a city that I have dreamed of visiting FOREVER... New Orleans.  

Yes.  I'm so excited...I have never been but, all my favorite movies are filmed there...I have romanticized about this city forever...the colors, the sounds, the flavors, the people the art...I just feel like it's city for me.  So today, I pulled together a post all about my romanticized notion of what I think New Orleans is all about...I'll let you know how correct I am  or not when I return...

Dream bathroom...I'm staying at a Bed & Breakfast in the Garden District...and a bathroom like this would be perfect.

Pantone color for 2014...Radiant Orchid or purple if your nasty...
I imagine homes furniture with old furniture in modern ways...kinda like my place.

sidebar...I have seen and passed up on this coffee table twice in the thrift store...sigh.  Next time I see it, I may have to get it...

Can't wait to install my birthday hair...Big hair...don't care.

I imagine a fly New Orleans sister living like this...more of that Radiant Orchid done right...sigh.  Makes me wanna clean up...for real.

I imagine, men who look like gentlemen...New Orleans Style Blogger  and photographer L. Kasimu Harris
Check out this blog here

I can't wait to see the art in New Orleans...I hope it's everywhere...

I will wear a skirt everyday on my trip...I'm heading to the fabric store...if it ever stops raining in NYC.

and food...Sigh.  I can't wait.  I'm not the biggest seafood fan...I know, New Orleans and not a seafood fan...why bother?  Well, I will be eating things like frog legs...YUM!  My dad was from St. Louis by way of Mississippi and he always ate strange food when I was a kid...strange by good.  I'm an Aquarius baby, nothing scares me...the stranger the better.
You can make them at home... recipe here .


I just wanted to say "Thank You" to everyone who has supported our Honey Caps effort...It is a huge success...we only have 5 caps left!!!!  When they are gone I will come up with a different design...this is a perfect way for me to mix my love of design with giving back and I couldn't do it without you guys.

These are just a couple of shots of Mini rocking her Honey Cap...there is still time to get yours...but, you better hurry. 

A Big Announcement

A lot of you guys have been around my blog for a long time and know my story as well as my daughters.  I have blogged about our journey with Sickle Cell Disease and Bone Marrow Transplant here on this blog as well as on Mini's blog.

Today, I am launching what I hope will be the beginning of something really special and I am asking for your support. It's called "HONEY CAPS"...I am selling caps like the one Mini is wearing here...and with each hat sold Mini and I will make and donate a hat to a child in the hospital.  It's really simple and we need your support.

Having a bone marrow transplant is lonely and isolating.  You lose all your hair and you have minimal contact with the outside world for weeks.  Mini and I think these honey caps are just a little more fun than wearing a scarf or a wig...and if people are going to stare at you...(which they do when your finally able to go outside bald) why not give them something to smile at?

If you can't support Honey Caps financially please support us by sharing our idea with your friends and family via your social media contacts.  We will ship worldwide and shipping is free for the first 5 orders.

Please visit our site at HONEYCAPS.BIGCARTEL.COM to purchase a hat for yourself and read more about our journey.

Thanks so much for hanging with Soul Pretty and Mini.  You have no idea how much it means to us.

First Thrift Haul of 2014

The bag is marked, Tumi Arts made in Ecuador
100% pony skin, 100% leather trim and strap...brass buckle detailing, cross body bag. 

Decorative plate...with plate hanger attached.
The color blue seems to be following me...I love it.
 Marked Campos Mexico - 1958 
56 years old

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this...It just reminds me of something I used to make in my textile class in high school.

I'm really trying to purchase less clothing...I have a lot...and I don't really have the opportunity to rock it all...but, I will rock these for sure...probably everyday...

Adidas Samba Sneakers

Okay...I don't really wear red shoes.  But, it's 2014 and I'm up for trying new things...actually, my new years resolution is to do more things that I have NEVER done before...So, if you ask me to do something and I say, "no"...don't take it personally...I'm just trying to do new things...starting with these Kenneth Cole Red Leather Shoes...lol.

 I picked up this embroidered pillow...just because I think it would look good on a simple white bed...something this spring.

...and there you have it...not bad.  If I didn't tell you guys that I thrifted all of this...you would think I spent a fortune at my favorite store Anthropologie.  Don't you agree?

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