Back to School

Mini begins 11th grade today...and Mini's face is mirroring my emotions...  What is it about the first day of school that makes parents giddy...?
It's not like I don't have free time during the summer...there's just something about knowing she's in class and not out galavanting around NYC that puts a parents mind at ease...kind of.
Sigh...What to do today?
Target...Starbucks for that pumpkin latte...Trader Joe's...Thrift Shopping...I need to clear the clutter from my room...Yeah right...


  1. I hope you took some time to kind of celebrate. lol My kids have been back in school for a month and I was so relieved to see them off. I love them but they bring the ruckus up in here during the summer!! :) My oldest is in 11th grade, too. Such an exciting time.

  2. Hi Lesley Jean,

    You know I did...went to Target...Trader Joe's and Starbucks...alone. It was great!


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