New GiG...

I landed myself a new gig for this weekend...and old and dear client has had her 2nd baby boy...and he turns one this weekend in a big way...and when I say big, I mean big...and guess who she called to do the decorating...?  Me...yes.

So today I'm off to source party decor...fabrics...and more...

These are just a few of the images I found around the net to inspire me...

A clear tent.  Have you ever?  It's the perfect decor needed...let nature be your guide.

I love this tent...the thick striped fabric is perfect...just a little to tame for what's needed this weekend.

...the tent I'm decorating is this size...Woot, woot.

...the client and I love this idea...Guess I'll be busy stringing up flowers for the next two days.

...isn't this this is what I call, "bang for your buck."
Ribbons tossed over a tree in the shape of a love it.
Well, I'm out...ttygl.


  1. Looks like he is going to have a wonderful party. I love the last picture of the ribbons. Something to keep in mind for my daughter's next birthday party.

    I hardly ever comment...but I love your blog.

  2. Great inspiration. I'm sure this will be a fun but taxing project.

  3. these are neat. i especially like the clear tent and ribbon ideas.


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