Mini's Room Revealed...Mini

 Here it is people...Mini's room make-over.  I'd love to go into detail about how it happened...but, today is the first day of school in NYC and "ain't nobody got time for that..." 
But I didn't want to leave you guys hanging any here are the after pics...
I can tell you that less $100 dollars was spent to make this happen.
I used old leftover paint
I used my old headboard...just recovered it.
I used old IKEA lights...just painted them.
I put my nightstands in Mini's room...I now have her's in my room (UGH!  Don't ask)
I even had this wallpaper hidden in my closet...finally used it.
I painted her dresser...again.  Third time...I love that.
I made the pillows from leftover fabric...
Yadda, yadda, yadda... 

I purchased this cabinet from the thrift store for just $3.99...yep.  We are going to paint it...just haven't decided on a color...Hum?  Any suggestions?

 The round table is from my kitchen...remember when I picked up a new kitchen set from this summer...the blue chair will be recovered...the white chair needs a new home...

Mini is loving too.  It was a lot of work...but, worth it...


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Joy...I love your name by the way...

  2. Yikes, this looks a........mazing! you guys never cease to amaze!

  3. This is beautiful. I especially love, love the dresser, such a great job! The whole room is fun and sophisticated!
    Ah this is so great.
    And I know you are super excited about your free/thrifting time!

    1. Thanks Armanda, there's still some work on the walls...sheers at the window...redo the chair...etc. Is it ever really done...?

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    1. Hey Sing...I am so mad that I didn't buy all they had at Home Goods...I googled the paper online and it cost $90 a roll...I paid $8.00 in HomeGoods...UGH!

  5. It all looks incredible! I want that room! lol :) The dresser is amazing! You did an awesome job.

    1. Thanks Lesley Jean,

      I'm still not done...gonna run some poly over the dresser and have to find art for the walls...and recover the desk chair...Mini is really enjoying it...she has already had all her friends over to check it out.

  6. oooh, that dresser! y'all are awesome. the room looks great.


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