The pros and cons of super long box braids...

So...I put in box braids a few weeks ago and I feel inspired to put together a little pro and cons of wearing this hairstyle.


Cheap hairdo...especially if you do it yourself like Mini and I did
It's a get up and go style...
No evening prep or morning prep it up, wear it down, side ponytail, high ponytail...endless.
Makes going to the gym...super easy.
Protects your natural hair from damage caused by curling irons, blow dryers and daily combing.


The long length of the braids make sleeping on your braids difficult.
They are constantly getting caught under your body while sleeping.
They are heavy.
They are a chore to take out...UGH!

and I'm just about ready to see them go.


  1. I installed some Havana/Marley twists about 3.5 weeks and the pros are all the same, I started to do box braids but the twists are so much faster and I can randomly take one down and neaten it up. I may take them down this weekend to deep condition but probably put them right back in I am loving the break. At night and sometimes in the morning I will spritz them and rub in some coconut or castor oil and that is it.

  2. I have yarn braids right now...and I had box braids a few months ago. The yarn braids are sooo much lighter and softer to sleep on! Just "pineapple" your hair at night. They look super natural at almost any length because they are matte black and kinda spongy if that makes sense, so you can make them super long. People keep telling me they like my 'locs, so I'm kind of sold on them. You should try them out!


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