A blogger's day in New York City

I want to share a couple of photos from a blogger event I attend last week for Agadir Oil.
Agadir Oil is a natural hair care line about to launch a couple of new products any day now...
They invited a couple of bloggers to the Library Hotel in Midtown Manhattan for a Moroccan Spa Day that included food, drinks, henna tattoos, manicures and hand massages.  SIGH!
It was....AMAZING.  So relaxing and beautifully decorated...the employees of the company were so warm and knowledgeable about their products...It was an A+ event.

The lovely henna artist was, Arva Attarwala...she is available for hire...showers, weddings, sweet 16's...BBQ's...where ever you want...So cool.  I think I'll be using her in the future...check out her website...

...after luxuriating at the hotel I headed over to Chelsea and the flower district...one of my favorite neighborhoods in Manhattan...It's just a couple of streets between 27th and 28th street and broadway...but, you can buy any type of plant or flower imaginable...everyday...just be warned, it opens early around 5am and closes early too, around 2 pm...

 a pet hotel...really?

My old alma mater, FIT...sigh...love that place. 

 Two dudes who wanted their pics taken...

...and the best swag bag...

Agadir Oil
Agadir Shampoo
Agadir Condition
Agadir Extensive Moisture Masque
A Ceramic Blow Drying Brush
A portable teapot from their sponsor, The Village Tea Company
An amazing Currant & Pomegranate Candle from another sponsor, Evoque.  My home smells so good.

I have not tried the products yet...I will...as soon as I take my braids down...I'm also working with the company to offer a giveaway here on the blog...so, stay tuned.


  1. Looks like a very nice relaxing event.

  2. lovely event! And I love your photos of the flower district. Something to look forward to...I move to to NY in a few months! I'm excited and nervous. (that guy looks like he's strugglin with that bag of flowers lol)

    1. WHAT!?!?!? You are moving to New York? Wow. That's so exciting....We must, must, must meet when you get here...smile.

    2. Yay! I can't wait!
      Hopefully I can make some moves on getting rid of some things this weekend to make this move easier. Wish me luck. lol!


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