Hey guys....

...exhale.  I have not given up on the blog...just working hard to re-vamp it...I really want to make it more relevant and interactive...and I just wanted to give you guys a sneak peek at what I've been working on...got some new button done...

I want to make it easy to see all my post in an organized way...so you will see a thrift button, where I will post photos of my latest thrifting adventures...which I want to do via video...sigh...maybe...if it's not too hard...big ups to all the vloggers out there...it's not easy to make it look good.

...here I will post all my latest DIY projects

...I'll post anything I design...

...you know how much I love to cook and eat...and here I will post anything food related...

...my passion...my plan is to post photos and videos of the places I travel...even within my own city...

...and, FYI...Mini wants to be more involved with the blog...yes.  So, we are working on how she can contribute...either thru video or posts...not sure...but, please stay tuned...we promise to have the new Soul Pretty up and running way before BET gets their new show, The Real Husbands of Hollywood, on the air...lol.  Mini and I can't wait for that...come on BET.


  1. Just found your blog through Young House Love. Love the ideas you have a for a blogspot update (I'm currently Not Thrilled with my own layout).

    We are doing a little YHL related project, thought you might want to check it out.

  2. Kevin Hart = HILARIOUS! I can't wait either! BTW I loved your blog before, sure I will love it more when you revamp it!

    My blog is kinda ghetto, so it is designed to "catch as catch can"! LOL! I recently deleted half of my post because I had met my free photo quota and I wasn't about to PAY. I couldn't figure out another way, so...DELETE!

    Also your blog is now showing up again in my DASHBOARD! Go figure! I WAS following over 300 blogs! Why? IDK!!! I'm down to less than 100 now!

    Glad you & Mini are doing well.

  3. ooooh...i like the newness you'll be bringing! i'd love to see you (and mini) vlogging. seems like that's the direction in which things are moving (and i've even got a you tube channel nowadays. http://www.youtube.com/user/flyTieClothing. who'd a thought!)

    but like you, i've gotta give props to the vlog pros, because although i've done a few and will likely do more, it's not necessarily my thing. wears me completely out most times!

    BUT...i'd love to see yours. :-D

    ps. it's really not hard at all. just record from your web cam and upload. in my last video i included some editing--which i figured out through trial and error--but that's really not even necessary.


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