Video Tuesday, A Day Late...Fall Nesting Has Begun

I don't know about you, but "fall nesting" has begun around here...there is nothing better than coming home from the cold and having a warm and inviting space to relax in...I recently cleaned my bedroom closet, organized my pantry and fridge...I also bought fabric to make drapes for my's on around here...During my endless search for inspiration, I came across this youtube video courtesy of the old HGTV show, Decorating Cents.  Remember that show?  The host did make-overs where she spent NO money...just moved things around...check out what she did to this Harlem Brownstone...lots of tips and tools you can use to make your home a little cozier...this winter...I love the wall color in her room...didn't work for my space...sigh.

So, what did we learn?

1.  When embarking on a room make-over, do your best to remove everything from the room.  Start with a blank slate.
2.  Only bring back items that are absolutely necessary and or pretty...
3.  (one of my biggest design pet peeves) Most people hang art too high. Hang your art at eye level.
4.  Group like things together. If you collect butterflies and currently have them spread out all over your home...find a way to display them all in one location.


  1. This was one of my favorite HGTV shows. I love reworking things people already have. A challenging room but it was redone well.

  2. Oh this place is beautiful.I love the places in NYC. And, I love how she displayed her African artifacts. Really great post; I learned a lot....Thank you.


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