I Thrifted this...A Bomber Jacket...

Okay, I'm way too lazy to take a pic of my latest thrifted find...but, it's a leather bomber jacket...in a beautiful paprika color...similar to those pictured here.

I'll photo it one day...until then I put together this really cool Polyvore (remember that site) style sheet on how I would like to rock it...

My jacket is just like this one...I got it for $6.99...Yep.  Gotta love thrifting...I also donated a huge bag of clothing from my closet...recycle...a win, win if you ask me.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend guys...be safe.


  1. I love thrifting and I have found so many great items. My favorite bargain; a beautiful green Nicole Miller (silk!) evening gown for $6.50. I've found many little jackpots while thrifting.

    Glad you found that bomber jacket and look forward to seeing an outfit post featuring it!


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