Weekend in review...

I received a couple of NICE gifts from my sister...and she came all the way from South Jersey to bring them to me...love.  Plus it was date night for her and her hubby...lol.  The last time Mini and I visited her in Jersey she took us to ROSS...Okay, we don't have ROSS in NYC...and after reading about all the good stuff you guys in the blogesphere find at ROSS, I was so excited.   Okay, New Yawkers...ROSS is TJMAXX or our Marshalls...only cleaner, more organized...and I had a ball...
...anywho.  Where was I going with this story?
 My sister went back to ROSS and bought me this Buddha painting...heart.

 ...Do I have the best sister ever?  Yes.  The picture matches my bedroom perfectly...and my sis didn't even know what color my new bedroom was painted...I love when that happens.  I have it propped against the living room wall and it looks great there too...but it will hang in my bedroom.

 I found this feathered, Ralph Lauren (name drop) pillow for just $10 at HomeGoods...you know I'm going to recover it...

 Mini went to a Sweet 16 Masquerade party...

 We also took pics to send out thank you cards for her party...

 Oh, look what else my sister bought me at Ross...
 Yep...I told you, she's the best...
 Yeah, I know, they are not UGGS...and I'm not Lindsey Lohan either...

 Fresh baked croissants from Trader Joe's...YUM!

...they come 8 to a pack...frozen...you have to take them out of the package and let them rise for about 9 hours...pop them in the oven for ten minutes and YUM!


  1. I almost bought the almond version of those this weekend, but I'm too impatient to wait, now I'm like, maybe I can ; )

    1. soooo good...worth the wait...I pull them out the night before and there ready for breakfast in the morning...

    2. Have you been on that blog, what's good at trader joes? it's great for new ideas on what to buy.

    3. No...I will check it out tonight...thanks.

  2. That buddha has soul. Love it.

    Mini looking model pretty as always.

    Trader Joes...There you go again...will definitely look for these.

    Your sister has great taste.

    1. Hey Sandra, I know, right? Buddha looks like a brother...that's why she bought it...I'm putting a peaceful brother in my bedroom...manifest.

  3. Eek! Your sister is rad, for sure. I love the Buddha painting and the slippers are perfect for the upcoming cold weather. I have got to try those croissants now, too!

    1. Hey Lesley,

      I know, right? Love my sis...and the croissants are the bomb...they also sell them 4 in a pack with chocolate in the middle...YUm!

  4. oh yes, ross! there are 2 here. i don't shop for clothes a whole lot, but when i do, that's where i am! got the cutest lil dress there in spring '11. have yet to wear it but love to just look at it.

    nice gifts!

    isn't it best when people unknowingly buy you home decor items that go with your space? i've got these black women figurines purchased by 3 different people at 3 different times that go so perfectly together and in my living room.

  5. I have been looking for that Buddah painting for a long time. My mom saw it at Ross once and didn't get it because of the price but she regretted it and went back the next day.. and it was gone. That was about a year ago. I am still looking for that painting and it's no where to be found.So this way be an odd request but if you somehow have an item number or UPC or anything associated to that painting i would greatly appreciate it, and so would my mom. Thanks!


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