The story of my rug...

 This is a wider view of my living room...

The coffee table is from IKEA...$19.99...I almost threw it out...but, Mini convinced me to keep it...I'm glad I did.
The wicker stools are from Target...around 4 years old...$14.99 each
The grey and white pillows are made of IKEA fabric...$8.99 a yard
The mongolian lamb pillows are from Bed Bath & Beyond...$9.99 on sale...I posted about them here.
My desk is back in the window...I bought the chair at the flea market years ago...$10.00
The table top is from an old IKEA table...I used the two cabinets I found here as the base.  You can see how I made them over here...

The rug...sigh.  
I was in the thrift store, minding my business...waiting in line to pay for a couple of things...the women on line in front of me was taking her time...inspecting each of her items one by one before passing them to the cashier...In my frustration, I got off line and wondered around again...Now, in this thrift store they are constantly bring new things to the floor from the back room.  This day I saw two workers struggling to carry this rug from the back.  I got to them before they could put it on the shelf...

me:  What is that?
worker:  It's a rug mommy...
me:  Can you open it up so I can see it?
worker:  No's too big...
me:  eyebrow up, how do I know it's not damaged?
worker:  Mommy, the rug is perfect...beautiful...I should buy it...
me:  How much is it?
worker:  $59.99
me:  Take it to the front...

Yep, I never saw the rug open...but I know a good thing when I see it...the bottom of the rug was unworn, in perfect condition...and this thrift store offers credit on, if I had to bring it back...I would have a $59.99 credit...It wouldn't be a total loss...
When I reached the cashier, a young African American, male, teenager...he took one look at the price and asked me boldly, if I was crazy?  LOL.

me:  Why?
cashier:  You are paying too much...
me:  Really?  Can you give me a better price?
cashier:  No!  But, I'm just saying, $59.99 for a used rug?

Well, I knew I had a major deal...the rug is 100" hand dyed Persian Wool, 8'x11' in perfect brand new condition...It is so heavy, I almost didn't make it into the apartment with this thing...this is the kind of thing you leave in your will!

It is so beautiful...and lush...just stepping on it makes me happy!

 I know the tag says, "no exchange"...but, they do exchange...the ladies working this store are really nice...and all the money collected supports the Boys and Girls Club of NYC...
 ...hand knotted
Learn more about the process here....


  1. That rug is stunning, what a great buy and price! I love the overall feel of the room. Your vision came together nicely. I like desks by the window, very cheery.

  2. Thanks Sing...Don't you love it when a plan comes together? Well, I'm off to enjoy one more day off before Mini returns from camp tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Absolutely GORGEOUS!! I love everything! The couch is devine! Looks so comfortable! Great job!


  4. AH! Such a steaaal on that rug! You did that, and your living room looks fantastic! SO nice.

  5. Oh man...I love this living space. Those lamps were waiting for their home. Everything you buy just seems to work.


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