Sweet 16 Party Photos...

 I won't describe every photo...I'll just say, "it was a party that was a long time coming and it could not have been better."  Well, if Diggy Simmons performed...that would have been better according to Mini...lol.

We just want to thank EVERYONE who made this night possible...Your prayers and well wishes were on display.

 "what's a party without the Soul Train Line?"

 "you already know what it is"
 "father daughter dance"
 "the court"
 "all my mother's granddaughters"
"Dad, Mini and Mom"


  1. Lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  2. ...hey Tina, your welcome...I'm glad you enjoyed them...

  3. If any teen deserved a great party, Mini definitely does, I am so glad everything went well. She is such a blessing.

  4. Congrats to her, she looked like a princess

  5. Mini you were rockin this dress. You looked beautiful.
    And Mom, where did you get the gown? soul pretty.

  6. All these years I've been calling her MiMi and its Mini #fail lol You knew what I meant though lol.


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