Anyone know where I can I get a $20,600.00 decorating grant?

 So, yesterday I received an email from my favorite store, Anthropologie, asking me to check out their lastest home decor items.  Well, let just usual, I was not disappointed.  I heart it all...but, the prices are obscene.  Now, if I won the lotto like the worker at Mickey D's...I may, may splurge on the following...$20,600.00.  Ouch.
Kansai Bookcase - $1,298.00 

 Harbor Coffee Table - $1,298.00

 Partial Eclipse Chair - $6,800.00

 Mathilde Sofa, Dots - $4,998.00

Olmo Chair - $980.00 each

 Gavey Chair - $988.00

Greenfynch Sette, Vintage Suzani - $3,898.00


  1. Try 'kickstart'for the grant! I want every chair! =( But I'm willing to accept the bookcase and suzani instead. lol.

  2. Smile...Kickstart? Hum...will look into that...thanks.

  3. It's just my nature. You asked a question and I started researching...

    1)Become an artist and then apply for a n.e.a. grant

    If you don't want to do art, but do a business,(which I can understand...grants are so competitive and demand is more than supply... explore resources for small businesses especially the micro grant program here:

    As usual, the tried and true, make extra money with your own line of t-shirts (soul pretty logo of course) cups and stuff...

    And when I hit the lotto I'll loan you the'd be a good investment...


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