My new favorite thing...

 ...sneak peek of my newly arranged living room.
My new favorite thing is the Kuba cloth pillow in the chair.  Picked it up this weekend at HomeGoods for just $12.00 bucks.

A little history about this beautiful's made by the BaKuba people of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Each cloth is hand-woven with raffia from the Vinefera palm tree.  This unique raffia cloth is traditionally wound around the waist like a skirt and worn during rituals and ceremonies...

If you are lucky enough to find one on sale...grab it!  You can easily spend upwards of $150.00 dollars for one pillow...check them out here and here and here and here...Definitely a trend to watch.

...okay, this bedroom is a dream.  I'm fighting the urge to paint my bedroom white...sigh.  ...and I need to find that a thrift store of course.


  1. Beautiful fabric and great deal. That area of the room looks very nice and so visually artistic.

  2. Score! The pillow looks perfect in your chair. I am drooling over that dining room, too. Gosh.

  3. Love your pillow! You can find smaller versions of those black and white ones at Ikea...well cases anyway. I forget that Home Goods has pretty good sales pieces sometimes. Haven't checked them out in a while. Your living room is so well put together!

  4. Thanks guys...Oh yeah...I forgot about the black and white Ikea version...gotta post about that one later...

    Lesley Jean...wouldn't you love to have a meal at that table...?

    Hey Sing...that part of the room felt a little off balance...too empty. I had to beef it up with objects to make it balance with the rest of the room.

  5. Pretty pillow! Good deal, I love your throw,where did you find that??? :)

  6. Hi Mrs. Chic, that throw is so old...but, I did see a similar one at Big Lots last summer...

  7. Get out of here!
    Oh I'm dying over here...I love these pillows....

  8. I love your cozy corner...just love it.


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