Video Tuesday...Dream Big.

...this is Keith Johnson, he is the head buyer for Anthropologie stores.  He recently had a show on the Sundance Channel, "Man Shops Globe" .  Check out this video to see how he makes his living...and dream big.

Graffiti on an antique headboard...sigh.  I so need that in Mini's room.


  1. I really love this idea. I think I shared with you that there was this woman, who is now deceased from Breast Cancer, Sandra Sakata who had a wonderful shop here.

    It was small but loaded with hand made clothing accessories by other artists. Then there was such demand she started a shop in NYC.

    There are so many artists like yourself who need a collective of their designs in store, then eventually move out and start your own.

    I do like his thinking process. If you have a gift of finding things people like, you can shop real specialty items from artists and resell them for them.

    Wonderful video. Thank you. I hope you don't mind my long posts. But I loved this video.


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