I surrender to my stuff

 ...my original spring cleaning design plan was to purge, purge, purge.  Let's face it, I have too much stuff and I love thrifting.  So, in design reality, how is that ever going to happen?
I dreamed of pairing down and living in a space like this...a couple of cushion...a few pics.

 ...or this, stark...all white walls and floor...very little on the walls.

Ohhh, yeah.  Seriously, like this...accessories?  What accessories?

...But, I am a realist when it comes to design.  I tell my clients all the time to, "get real"...and the above images are nice, but that's not how I live...I have stuff...and I love being able to look at my stuff...It reminds we of where I've been...things I've done...there are lots of memories in my stuff...and I like having that around me...

...stuff can be beautiful.  Just look at how beautiful stuff can be.

I surrender to my stuff.


  1. good post...I feel the yin yang pull about stuff sometimes...

  2. i so agree, to me a home is supposed to be a reflection of yourself. i love the look of a bookcase wall and i may try that when i move next year

  3. I found so much good stuff...that I forgot all about .


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