It's Video Tuesday, Look at what you get for $650,000.00 dollars in NYC...Yikes.

New York real estate is off the chain...still.  This apartment is just average.  Nothing special, except for the price.  This video aired on HGTV's, Selling New York...they asked interior designer, Robin Wilson to stage the terrace (sidebar, my next project) for a quick sale of the apartment.  I think they dropped the ball and missed a huge opportunity to do something special.  It looked a little boring to me...but, they sold the apartment in the end, so she did her job.  I'd love to know what you think.


  1. This was such a refreshing video to see. I liked the group. But I agree: not much was done with the terrace. But that 6000 did the trick.

  2. I agree boring.

    I also watch Million Dollar Listing and Interior Therapy with Jeff what'shisname, both on Bravo. Here's my question...

    Where are these people getting their money? What class did I not take?!!!

    As a NY'er some of the locations I already know when I see the street corner. I wouldn't live there I don't care how chic it is, but the price tags...what do these people do for a living?!

  3. Sandra, I know right...people of color doing their thing...when do we get a chance to see that on t.v.

    Moni, you a ny'r...and you live in Harlem...I once looked at a beautiful apt...can't remember what street...but, it was stunning...and directly across the street was object poverty...the building i toured was locked up like fort knox....and they were asking almost 1 million dollars...NY real estate is crazy...

  4. Where are these people getting their money???????? No one can answer that question for me...


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