Hard work pays off...

Mini and I spent our Saturday in Soho. The kids at school talk about it like it's some magical teenage planet. Because of this, Mini was convinced she had never been there. Lol...we practically spent everyday there until she started 2nd grade. But, of course it wasn't a magical teenage fairy land then...just someplace her mom liked to go. Well, all I have to say is, our trip jogged her memory and she can now cross it off her teenage hangout list. At least if it means hanging with mom. If her girls want to hang she'll be there. As for me, yuck...too many people...mostly young...too little inspiration. I took a few photos of inspirational spots...will share later...until then, check this out.

I spent most of my Sunday tweaking the living room. I may change a couple of things...like the cushions on the couch. I was trying to pair do my decorative items but it's not really working...so, it looks like I need to embrace it...


  1. Nice job, your styling/decorating is on point as usual.

  2. Thanks Sing...I'm happy...finally getting thinsgs in order...looks like I'll be spending a lot of time in the sun this spring...smile.

  3. Luv it.
    I also want to do something with my pillow covers on my sofa. I remember one picture you showed on your blog of a woman, from Sweden, who knits these covers for stools. I wonder if there is some type of pillow cover for seats that can be done by knitting(or would that be uncomfortable...I don't know) Then I wondered about some type of African fabric for the seats.
    Any thoughts or picture ideas for seat covers for sofas?
    I hate to get rid of a sofa over the seat covers...

  4. i swear your living room is just gorgeous! one of my top five favs. i love a home has that cozy and relaxing feel to it but still stylish at the same time. keep up the good work, you're so talented!

  5. Stay tuned Sandra, I'll post ideas for seat cushions...and Jamie your making me blush...and that's hard to do...thank you.


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