Do you remember when HGTV was good?

...I mean in the early days, 10 years ago...when my remote only went to that channel?   Not so much anymore...Now, I only watch it in passing...during commercials of another program or I'll tune into the last 3 minutes just to see the reveal...Why the network became so personality really weird to me...I don't care about Candice Olsen's jokes or Sarah Richardson's perkiness and don't even get me started on HouseHunters...all day, are you kidding me? ....I just want to see how people live...the shows should be full of to make this happen in your home...UGH!

But, anywho...I found my new design fix (isn't that a great name for a show?) online.
Have you guys been to the HouseandHome website?  No?  Okay; your in for a treat and you can thank me later...It's what HGTV should's loaded with house tour videos, how to's, cooking segments, blogs...etc.  You will be on their site all weekend...and so will I...have a good one....enjoy!


  1. Great picture. I still enjoy HGTV here and there. Will check this one out.

  2. Hi JustPatience, thanks for leaving a comment and introducing me to your beautiful are one stylish lady...I'll be back for sure.

  3. I know exactly what your saying about HGTV far too many re-runs, I don't miss the channel at all, we recently ditched our cable :) I love House and Home, I need to check out the videos, thanks!

  4. HGTV hasn't featured truly good and inspiring design since Joe Ruggiero's Homes Across America! Chris Madden's show was also worth watching. Both featured work by high caliber professional designers. Now almost every program, and I give it a second chance once in a while, features dreadful design pumped out by actresses in stilettos and pumped up carpenters. The marathons leave me cold, too.

  5. This picture is making me drool. Love it. Love it.
    HGTV has been a let down; it seems to be so political. Every time I got a favorite person they were gone. And only certain ones keep standing. What's up with them?

    I want to see more of a multicultural mix. Even TV One was suppose to have a design person. And it didn't happen.

    Come on Oprah, or somebody, "we "need a design channel.

  6. Michelle, OMG...Homes Across America was my favorite! I've been looking for videos on line...I also love, small space BIG style...good to see I'm not the only one missing a true interior design channel...TVONE, Oprah...I'm with you Sandra...

    I think you guys will enjoy the house and home video tours...let me know.

  7. Kenneth Brown was my guy! Once they became the "Real Estate" channel, it was sickening!!!

    OMG, I miss the old HGTV! I find myself drooling over shows like "Million Dollar Listing" on Bravo and I can't wait for the new on that premieres on Wednesday with that neurotic guy...can't think of his name....


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