Tweaking, tweaking, tweaking...

I'm still tweaking things in the bathroom...but, it's looking good, Mini said it feels like she should be doing more than just peeing in  I actually sat in there yesterday and talked on the phone for 20 minutes...just because.  ...Now, that's good feng shui....

Here are some other bathroom postings that really caught my eye this week...

...the brick, dreamy

Organized and clean...if you have the room, wouldn't an old-painted china cabinet look great in the bathroom for storage?

...the color...sigh...combined with the natural elements...sigh...just my style.

I will to make this for my bathroom...just it.

...sigh, pink.  Remember when I thought of doing a pink bathroom? this.

...very similar to my room...I love the way they took the organization all the way to the floor.


  1. Really really great ideas. I have a very tiny bathroom, only a shower stall. But I like the idea of adding wall shelves behind the toliet for much needed storage.

  2. ...there are so many good ideas for bathroom storage...

  3. This bathroom is sick...I love the magazine rack. Everything you need right there. I want my own bathroom.

  4. Thanks for the great photos - wanted you to know you are quickly becoming my new favorite spot to visit. Completely agree with your post about HGTV as well!

  5. Your blog is endless inspiration. I've pinned so many images to pinterest. Most recently the china cabinet photo.


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