Monday already...R U Ready for Spring Cleaning?, the weather is beautiful in the NYC today...and it looks like we will get a repeat all week.
...Todays images remind me of spring...and cleaning...hello spring? 

I'm digging the baskets on the wall as accessories...My thrift store is full of them...hum?

love, love, love the idea of using suitcases for storage in the bathroom.


  1. Yep I started last night by bringing my spring/summer clothing out of storage. Those baskets underneath the sink, marvelous.

  2. Me too. My kitchen has been a mess for 4 days...I emptied all the cabinets...UGH!

  3. I think those are vintage picnic baskets under the sink. I thrifted one last year. I love it. Although it's currently housing my son's nebulizer. lol

    Anyways, I started my spring cleaning. My first task is to reorganize my closets. It is turning out to be quite a task because I'm trying to par down my wardrobe at the same time. Parting is such sweet sorry.


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