My favorite place to thrift...

Hi everyone, you guys have emailed me, asking where I thrift.  Well, my favorite place to thrift lately is called SAVERS.  My cousin introduced me to the store and we have been having a true love affair ever since.  Unlike the Salvation Army lately, SAVERS prices and stock never disappoint.  The store is clean and organized.  There's only one store in the NYC area...but, they have many all over the country.  If there is one within a 2 hour driving distance from your home, you should really check them out. I think it would be worth the trip.  Here is a sneak peek at all the stuff I wanted to bring home with me on my last visit, but didn't.  Well, all except these shoes.  I did bring them home...had to...and you guys know I'm not normally into shoes.  Something must be going on because my last two thrift purchases were

sidenote:  They have a club card.  Show the card on Thursday's and get 25% off everything. Mini thinks this is hilarious.
 These shoes are so me...classic with a twist...nice low, sexy heel...perfect for those when in my lady mood.

 ...this dress would look great with the shoes I bought.

 I talked myself out of buying ice skates...

 I wanted each and every one of the boots but they were not my size...sad face.

 ...loved this coat...I can imagine turning it into pillows.

 ...they even sell weakness.

 OMG!  If Mini were a little girl, I so would have bought this chair and painted it for her dolls.

...memories...I strolled Mini back and forth to the babysitter in a stroller just like this when she was an infant.  It was perfect...Seeing me stroll around the neighborhood with this stroller bought a smile to many an old ladies face.   They would stop me and tell stories about their  I think it's still in someone's basement.


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  2. Oops! was trying to edit and ended up deleting my previous post.
    Just wanted to say:

    1. Savers huh? Well, I don't drive but if I can get someone to drive out there with me, I will definitely check this Savers out!
    And that stroller (pram as we say in Trinidad) brings back memories for my mom too. I just showed this to her!

    2. I was soooo unhappy with my apartment (very drab and cluttered) but checking out your blog recently, I am definitely feeling much more empowered to start redecorating it on my own (with my tiny budget) bit by bit. I think I have furniture that is just taking up too much space and I need to look at my rooms differently and see what I can do with the space I have and just decorate/furnish it smarter.
    When I moved there I had nothing AT ALL except my clothing and my cat and once I got roommates I felt the pressure to quickly furnish the place to accommodate them and now that they've gone I never went back and reworked the place to my liking and I think its time!
    I am not really sure how to start but I think bit by bit, I'll make it work! lol (Love Tim Gunn ... his facial expression? The best!)

    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Take care :D

  3. I'm about to look up Savers and see if we have one near. Those black leather moto boots, nice!

  4. Gabrielle, thank for the comment. Stick around and I'll give you lots of inspiration for your home.

    Sing, if you find one near you...check it's so clean and orderly...and the prices are insane...they have furniture for $9.99...

  5. I'm crossing my fingers they have one near my in Cali - looks like a great place

    I love the shoes you bought!

  6. ps: I found one near my girl friends house, so next time I visit her i'm stopping in!

  7. Mrs. Chic, yeah...let me know how when you check it out...$5.00 kidding...the brass lamp I blogged about sometime ago was just $4.99...I often leave the store, get home and drive back the next day...

  8. Ok so I found one in a suburb of Chicago, I'm going tomorrow. I can't wait! I will report back.

  9. Have fun Sing...can't wait to see what you find...

  10. Ok I loved it. It was huge. I didn't find too much, but I really liked the home section.


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