What to do with your income tax refund...

Just two weeks into 2012 and I have another design client...A bedroom.  Yeah.  Hum, is the economy picking up? I find that a lot of my clients use their income tax refund for design work.  I can't blame them...You get more bang for your buck...when you spend $3,000 dollars on a room make-over...you get to enjoy your new room forever...when you blow $3,000 on new clothes, or hanging out it's just gone...and you won't remember this time next year what you did with it.  Tell me, do you remember what you did with last years refund?  I hope so...

I just wanna warn you guys...there will be a lot of bedroom photos on the blog in the next couple of weeks.


  1. hmmm, since i went back to college, i'm living the poor college student life, so not large refunds at the moment. but, i am in the market for a new chair for my son's bedroom. so that might happen. also, i LOVE the paintings that you found thrifting, in your posts below, i would have grabbed them too ;)

  2. I usually take a vacation somewhere out of the country with mine. That is a lasting memory that is priceless.

  3. sounds good to me. I love your makeovers...

  4. Avant Garde...I don't want to go back to those days...Mini and I are discussing college now...YIKES! I feel like I was just in college.

    Sing, vacation...now that's the best idea for your tax refund...

    Thanks Sandra...I'm so happy to have new work so early in the new year...


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