About Last Week...

...I have been hibernating.

It's cold in NYC...
My car is not happy...
I'm saving my coins for New Orleans...


Last week I broke out and went to one of my happy places (sorry IKEA...see you in the spring)...SAVERS Thrift Store...and the Salvation Army...

Let me show you what I didn't get!!!  ...cause I'm really disciplined...smile.

Everyone knows by now that I have a thing for CHAIRS...sigh.  I wanted to buy these two soooo bad.  They were just $20.00 bucks each.  Imagine them painted white, black, hot pink...sigh. ...And just look at the wear on the armrest...I love that.  So well used and loved.

I'm toying with the idea of adding another sofa/love seat to my living room...and this one would be perfect...beige velvet...come on now...in perfect condition...small enough...and the price, wait for it...$40.00.  Wiping tears.  I would have purchased it...but, I had no way to get it home...and adding another $60.00 for delivery is kinda defeating the purpose...don't ya think...?

My eyes were treated to the site of this beautiful, Pantone color of the year 2013, emerald green.  Sigh.  You know a lovely old lady had this covered in plastic for years in a room where no one was ever allowed to sit.  I could design an entire home around it...  $150.00.  Even Winnie the Poo fainted when he saw the price...lol.

Yep.  A headboard...what was I looking for last week?  A headboard!  Sigh.  I just painted my faux headboard...So, no I didn't get this one...I imagined it painted all boho funky like something you would see in Anthropologie...and the price...$29.99...yep.

Check out what this Chicka did to her thrifted headboard.  Sigh.  Just wait until I find my vintage headboard...
If you have time...check out this blog...just let me warn you...you should probably visit with a cup of coffee and snacks...cause your gonna be there for awhile.  It's that good.

Sigh.  No, two sighs....sigh.  Why?  Why don't I have more space...?  I must have a bigger home...Just $40.00

Look at this beauty.  $35.00 I just want you to close your eyes and imagine this recovered in a beautiful African printed fabric...I did...

...and last but not least...this dish set.  Vintage!  $10.99 for the set...I'm still kicking myself for not getting them...Have you seen the prices of similar reproductions in Anthropologie?

An Anthropologie plate...$22.00 each...Yikes.

I did purchase this...a scarf/runner/head tie...price $1.00.
Like I said, "a girl is saving her coins."  

I can't wait to see what vintage treasures I can uncover in New Orleans.


  1. The green chair you didn't buy is everything!! wow!!! I'd love it for my bedroom :)

    1. It was in perfect condition also...I wish I had room for it...

  2. I like the things you find! Good eye for the small details

  3. I need to rent one of those mini UHaul vans and hit some of these places! I love vintage furniture, clothes, jewelry, tchotchkes, etc. I get as much pleasure from the search as I get from the finds!! It's been a long time since I've done it and I need to. :-)

  4. The furniture is looking beautiful and I would like to have such type of furniture as I want to decorate the house with such type of furniture. I have also hired a good interior designer to decorate the house.
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  5. savers!! ok, i'm living in hawaii now and never heard of this store until i got out here. i haven't been yet, but i hear it's the plus to be for thrifters. i hope to make it soon and look for some fabric (hawaii lacks big time when it comes to fabric stores, and it's been irking me!) those dishes are beautiful.


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