Treat yourself to something nice...

 I bought myself a little Christmas Gift...I used to be one of those ladies who waited around for someone else to give me the perfect gift...I've learned that's just setting yourself up for disappointment...No one knows you, like you...slow down...and buy yourself something deserve it.  I picked up this ring here.  It's a copy of the wildly popular YSL ring seen on all the fabulous fashionistas...and it was just $25.00.  YEAH for me.  I got it in black...of course.

...this is the original...YSL
...If you feel the need to have the original it's $195.00 here.


  1. I love these rings and have a knock off version as well I got in Mexico. Treating yourself is ok!

  2. They have some cute tees on that site.
    This reminds me of one of the things I like about NY. You can get great watches on the street.

  3. Wow are those gorgeous! Wonder if I have the chutzpah to pull one off? Isn't treating yourself fun?!

  4. Thanks...guy...It didn't come yet...can't wait...I hope my fingers are long enough...


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