Trader Joe's does it again..., school is closed today and tomorrow...You know what that means...Mini wants to rip and run...I don't know about you, but I don't have rip and run money...Nope.  Mini loves going to The House of Pancakes for breakfast...I don't.  So I decided to bring the House of Pancakes to our house.  I used the Trader Joe's French Toast I told you about...I just put a little butter in a two slices of french toast into the butter to heat...turning...while still in the skillet, spread one side of toast with sliced bananas and the other side with cream cheese...put them together like a sandwich and viola...Stuffed french toast...YUM!  Easy, peasy...Topped it off with a few more bananas, a little whipped cream and sliced turkey sausage.  Mini is still sleeping...but, I think she'll be up

I can't take total credit for this idea...I got my inspiration from Singature Style Blog. Thanks girl.

6 slices just $2.69


  1. Darn. I was at Trader Joes this weekend and forgot to get these.

    Your pictures are lovely!

    You've got to frame these pictures.

  2. Ah glad you could recreate something. I'll have to look for that box of toast. Looks good. I love Turkey Sausage too, so this is a perfect breakfast.

  3. Going to TJ tomorrow to pick up for breakfast this weekend! Thanks for the reminder!


  4. See what had happened was! And that is my story and I am sticking to it. My kiddos keep eating these up before I can get any!
    I shall be picking some up again on SAT. (these will be hidden)

  5. Wow that looks good.

  6. I'm going to have to check this french toast out! Looks yummy!

  7. I had the french toast today. Oh yes, its good.
    Also wanted to share this link with you on mixed media and there is a great article there on food photography.mmm Why aren't you teaching this class?



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