Manifest Wednesday...more chairs...and a lovely fall weekend at the flea market

...when Mini was done with the cancer walk on Sunday, we stopped by a flea market on the upper west side and I fell in love, with chairs.  Just what I needed to person. (manifest)  I have been racking my brain and the Internet looking for inspiration for making over the chairs I picked up weeks ago...when, viola, I meet this lovely lady and her chairs at the flea market.  They were just divine.  My mind started racing and now I know exactly what I'm going to do with my chairs.

It's called The Green Flea... find out more about it here and check it out this weekend.  The weather should be perfect.

visit:   The Divine Chair for prices...starting around $450.00 & up...

...this dining set was beautiful.   $300.00 for the table and $350.00 for the 4 chairs...stick with me people.

...painted white


...a cool mid-century modern booth

...Mini looking for more rings...she doesn't have enough fingers...

...vintage furs
the weather was perfect for people watching...

...original artwork 
...costume jewelery exploded on this table.


  1. Um, where exactly was this flea market?? I'd love to go there this weekend. I NEED that green chair! Do you know how much the chairs cost? Wow!!

    Thanks for your super sweet comment on my blog, babe!!

    Come check out my Shabby Apple Dress Giveaway!

  2. I love the energy of this market.

    I think the chair lady is on to something. Many people, like me, who aren't quite that good with ideas would rather buy the chair already refurbished. It saves time and money.

    Of course the chair would be more expensive. But, I think that is why the shabby chic lady propelled her business so rapidly. She knew most of her market wanted the things painted and ready to go.

    What were the price points for the chairs? just curious. Does she sell many of them or is their tight competition with other vendors?

  3. Hey ladies....thanks for your comments...Sandra the chairs start at $450.00 & up...but, they were beautifully done...and well worth it...She doesn't have much competition in this market...and while I was talking with her a young man came to pick up a chair for his boss...Oh My! So, I think she does only cost $40 bucks to set up shop there on the weekend...I may look into it...too bad it's about to be really cold...hum?

  4. loves vintage market, i can be there whole day long just around that table full of jewelleries:))

  5. I discovered this flea market a couple of weeks ago while hanging out with a friend, who found a FABULOUS coat while we were there!

    I have to go back for the jewelry!

  6. So does that mean you are doing each chair in a different fabric?

  7. We were going to try to get over to this market but the suitcase of scarves proved a bigger problem than we thoughj. It looks great. I really love those blue chairs, the picture of Mini and the picture of the costume jewelry. Cool!

  8. Those chairs were fab, and those fur coats...swoon! xoxo


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