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I think all creative people understand this...


  1. These are on point. Some of my thoughts on these...
    #1 one artist I know says she just designs and doesn't look at others in her niche
    #2 keep the family out. Unless they are creative they don't respect your craft until you are filthy rich(smile)
    #3 As in life always have an exit strategy
    #4 Focus. It's hard because we live in world of infinite possibilities.
    #5 Remember you are close to your art but others have distance. If you're around people who notice every chip on your nails, run.
    #6 Yes we need money to live. It would be nice to have a flow of money for basic needs which is not connected to your craft.
    #7 Conformity. This society thrives on it.
    #8 The family members need some "time out".
    #9 A hard one. Some artist choose their clients. Have you seen the movie "The Fountainhead?"
    #10 Tomorrow never comes. Just stay excited about what you can do today. Don't expect anything. Just be present.

  2. By the way, Rae reflected on something similar. Check out this post:

  3. Ok Sandra
    I need to print this.
    This was a good post too.

    Hmmm it has me thinking over a few things!


  4. I like your list and I definite like the add ons that Sandra listed as well...


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