I couldn't resist...

...so, look what I found while in the thrift store this week...I've actually been there 3 times this week.  UGH!  As the followers of this blog know, I'm not a shoe person...wear the same shoes everyday...mostly.  Remember last week when I was trying to be cute and switch it up and wear my high heeled boots to curriculum night at Mini's school...?  Yeah right...never happened...smile.

...Anywho, I was minding my business walking around the store when I came across these beauties in the men's section.  That's right, the men's section...and I heart them.  So comfy...and so trendy, yet classic.  Got all 3 for less than $20.00 bucks...all leather tops and bottoms...So, if your into this trend...head to your local thrift store and check out the men's shoe section.


Rosario Dawson rockin' the trend...

I bought very similar pants from H&M yesterday for $5...

...the trend again with comfy sweater pants...instead of sweat pants...smile.

on trend...rolled up boyfriend jeans and socks.

Solange and Ree Ree on trend...

...good with skinny jeans...not that I wear skinny jeans...but, you might.

 ...much more my style...global chic...oxford shoes on trend again...they're everywhere.

The trend even works for work...yep...via.

...luv the way my favorite fashion blogger rocks hers...via.


  1. So dope the shoes you found. I love oxfords, just have to find the right pair.

  2. great finds, i'm SO in the market for shoes this year. i especially love those oxfords, with rolled up jeans? um, perfect ;) have a relaxing weekend!

  3. Thanks ladies...have a beautiful weekend...

  4. wow!!! You scored big time! I like the oxford shoe trend. Just haven't decided if it fits me yet. I need to try some on next time I'm at the thrift store.

  5. Funny...this brings back old memories of wearing oxfords and girl scout shoes in elementary school. The more things change the more they stay the same. I like the boots; they look sturdier than the doc martens.

    Great find.

  6. love those black oxfords...i'm a huge fan of oxfords...great finds!

  7. Never would have thought of it, but I love oxfords. My favorite look is third from the bottom. I may have to try to recreate it. Heart that!

  8. I just scored a pair at the thrift store during lunch! They are so comfy. my coworker HATES them. But I intend on making them work because I just couldn't resist.


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