It's Monday...Let's start the week with an easy, easy DIY

...Good morning everyone.  I know monday's can be, I just wanted to share an easy DIY with you.  The weather today in the NYC is just perfect...sunny, low 70's...but, soon the chill will be sticking around.  Here is a little something to keep your little fingers busy on those Netflix marathon nights...Not sure what you will do with them when your done...but, making them looks like fun.


  1. These are going on my Christmas tree this year.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate,

  2. Ohhhh....shot! Thanks Tiffany...your right...I could do all white and cover the tree...that's why I love blogging...thanks girl.

  3. These are cute. mmmm
    pom poms on a t-shirt
    pop poms on some keds shoe strings...
    Anyway they're cute.


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