It's Manifest Wednesday...and I just want pretty things...

...this image make me happy...the colors the absolutely know what type of person lives here...passionate.

...vintage 1970's style.  I can't get enough of that red dress...want one. simple, so beautiful...I'm gonna make it.  Via here.

Oh...sweet.  Diana Ross and her daughter, Tracee Ellis Ross...I wanna say, "Joan".  I heart this photo...maybe Mini and I will use it for our Christmas card this year.

...I just wanna paint.  I haven't painted on canvas in a while...I'm always painting furniture and walls lately.

...I could look at this pic forever...I want it blow-up and hanging over my sofa.

...another reason to love IKEA.

I have sooooo many thing to photograph for my Etsy Shop... and this image is really inspiring me.  I've been procrastinating...I really have to be in the mood...I put the music on...line set everything up and snap, snap, snap all day.  I know the longer it takes for me to get it together...the longer it will take for me to get selling...but, I really want to do it right...
So, there it is...things I'm manifesting this go out and make it happen.


  1. Love the long maxi dress.
    Tracee & Diana look like sisters in that photo.
    I really like that photo, makes me realize just how much my style is changing to softer rooms.
    Can't wait to see how you style your wares.

  2. Yes, Yes, Yes...Blow up that picture and hang it...It is Beautiful. Here's some info on blowing up pictures...

    First site:

    Second site:

    Thank you for the inspiration...

  3. Thanks guys...Sandra, your the best. Thank you for the links...I really want this hanging somewhere in my home...

  4. these are all very inspiring...good luck with the shop

  5. Love the colors and ethnic designs in the first photo. I think that would be a gorgeous Christmas photo of the two of you. I think that little girl is just too beautiful for words and would make an incredible print. Can't wait to check out the new goods in the Esty shop!


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