Weekend in review...Mommy Time

What a wonderful weekend...the weather was perfect in the NYC and Mini was with her dad and mommy was free to be me...
I moved my new favorite lamp to it's place of honor.  I scored it while thrifting a couple weeks ago.  If you don't know already from reading my blog...I love lamps and chairs...never meet one I didn't want to take home...and this was no exception.  I don't need another lamp...I have lamps in closets...I rotate lamps all the time...but, this little beauty was too cute to leave behind...Imagine my surprise when I  spied this signature on the bottom, Simone Pearce...a legendary glass blower...Through the magic of google...I found out the lamp is very valuable....$250.00 to be exact...and is still being sold online here.  SCORE!

I stopped to smell (no scent really...) the orchids...my favorite flower.  Did not buy one...I wanted to...

...I took this little lady out for a spin.  A beautiful bohemian leather clutch.  Thrifted. 

I made dinner for a friend and we finished watching the Jill Scott, DVD.

...bought fabric.

...picked up a little jewelry from Charlotte Russe of all places...Who Knew?


  1. The orchids and that corn look great!!!

    Peace, Love and Chocolate,

  2. Nice shots. And that food looks delish! Love the clutch too.

  3. sounds like a perfect weekend. i love that fabric you picked up, the colors are delish!

  4. looks like you had a wonderful weekend and picked up some great pieces...hope the week is just as wonderful!

  5. Thanks ladies...I love reading your comments and checking in on your blogs...such wonderful, like minded people...that I couldn't meet anywhere else...

  6. As always, I want the recipes! I'm a foodie...and your food always look delicious.


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