Video Tuesday - No More Excuses...People.


  1. Creation and the critics. I can so relate to this. If you are fortunate to have people in your life who support your vision that is the most important thing of all.

    I can remember fashioning a piece of jewelry in fifth grade. I can remember the time of day, the desk I sat in and the teacher who turned her nose up at my creation.

    It was a painful moment.
    Oh what a blessing it would have been if she smiled and perhaps gave me some good suggestions demonstrating her belief in me.

    Since that time I've gone on to create thank God. But the memory of that is so alive.

    Thank you for these videos.

  2. Sandra,

    I had a very similar experience in high school...I was in 9th grade orientation...when the speaker announced..."look to your left and look to your right, the people sitting next to you probably won't graduate from this program"...WTF!!!? Who says that to a bunch of bright eyed, talented (or so we thought) kids who have just beat out thousands of kids to be here and are just waiting to live their dreams...? So I feel your comment...and thanks for sharing. We just gotta keep doing what we're doing...


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