Video Tuesday...I Want to Work for IKEA! a designer, this is how my brain thinks...I love solving the space problem...making room out of no room...and with so much style...IKEA, I want to design for you...there I said's out in the universe now...let's see what happens.


  1. Inspirational video. It seems that space consultants must be in high demand.
    I can think of two major markets today:
    1) Those who can't move and have a baby coming and 2) Seniors wanting to downsize and move in a smaller space and have to make big decisions about their possessions.

    I saw a video yesterday on a guy who made a home out of a trash dumpster. It's all about perspective isn't it.

    I imagine one can get rich as a space consultant for specific markets.

  2. I really enjoyed their small space series videos. Great ideas.

  3. Sandra, I gotta check that out...Ikea is the best at it.


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