Manifest Wednesday...a day late...

 I went to a taping of the Nate Show yesterday...they gave detail instructions on what to wear as an audience member...bright colors, no black, no white, dress to impress...blah,  blah, blah...I must have tried on about 5 outfits for Mini...each time asking her, "will this get me in the front row?"...NO!  LOL...ladies if you need a reality check, get yourself a 15 year old  So, I finally decided to just wear something that I would be comfortable in because I was planning on doing a little thrifting on my way to the show...comfort to me means that's what I wore....

 One of my favorite bloggers, Mr. Goodwill Hunting was on the show.  He had his own graphics and everything...  We were both like, "hey, don't I know you?" I heart his blog and his skills...he did an amazing makeover on a young ladies living room...So, if you want Nate and Mr. Goodwill Hunting to make-over a room in your house...go to and let them know.

...and look where they sat me...front row!  Manifest people. (sidebar...I took out my party hair) Nate gave me a sample from the food segment...he, he, he...and we got a free book from one of the guest...I know, it's not a trip to Australia but it beats a blank.  All in all it was a fun experience...I really went to see what it takes to put a show like Nate's together and maybe look into applying for a job on the show...Lot's of work that's all I have to say...but, interesting.

I'm not sure when the show will be aired.  They told us to watch the website...I'll let you know when I know.
The set and lighting made me want to go home and clean up!  UGH!  So beautiful...


  1. Hey there. That's cool. I used to wear my brightest brightest clothes for Oprah and it actually worked a couple times. Glad you got front row.

  2. So fun! I love Rashon! He is so nice in person ~ I'm fortunate that he lives in my area. We met at his I <3 Thrifting day here in Charlotte. We stayed and talked for at least an hour with a group of other bloggers and never made it to another stop. It would be so fun to see Nate's show!

  3. OMG...I'll watch every show I can because I don't want to miss you. They sat you in the right place because one day your designs will be on that set. Can't you feel it? This made my day. You looked Soul Pretty.

  4. Thank you Sandra...from your mouth to God's ears...

  5. I'm so with Sandra on this one. Can't wait to see you as a guest on his show talking about the time you came as an audience member. Too soon for tickets when we're coming in October. I'll let you know.

  6. such fun! you look beautiful. :-)

    i really like that zig zag rug...

  7. I saw the show with Mr. Goodwill Hunting and he did a magnificent job for her. i could see him with his own show also because he seems to be a genuine nice man who loves what he does.


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