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You guys know how much I love JuJu hats...Love.  I visit the beautiful and inspiring, Table Tonic blog just to admire them...My last visit got me thinking.  What is it that I'm drawn to?  It's the color, shape and texture and how can I recreate it?...and viola...I came up with this...What do you think?

...I made it with tissue paper and cardboard.

I love it.  I got the shape and color I wanted and tearing and glueing all that tissue paper was very therapeutic.  You know I'll be making them in all colors and selling them very soon in my Etsy Shop.  Until then, I'll be moving it around the house to find the best place for it...I took down the painting I created from over the sofa and replaced it with my JUJU piece.  I liked it...but, not perfect...So, I put the painting back.

 I took this picture just to give you guys a reference as to where this wall is located in relation to the rest of my apartment...On the other side of the brown wall is my kitchen...I would love to take that wall down...sigh.

I also tried it in my bedroom over my bed...that's where it rests for now...It will probably end up in Mini's  room.  I know I said no bedroom make-over for Mini this year...but, it's a tradition and I don't like breaking with tradition...So, Mini's room will get a mini makeover next week when summer school ends...stay tuned.  See those lovely pillows?  They are available in my Etsy Shop.


  1. Awesome job! I want one. I'm draw to the color and texture of them as well. It's not your "normal" art either, and that's what I love most about it.


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