Sorry...but I need more inspiration...

by - June 03, 2011

Sorry to bore you guys with all the terrace pics...but, I've been working all week on mine and I still need inspiration...My bamboo reed fencing finally arrived...and I'm so excited to put it up and block my neighbors view....YES!

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  1. Well you aren't boring me. I like to get inspiration for my living area from outdoor pictures. I have a wall which is all window and since I don't have a balcony I want to make that area have the feel of a balcony. So, thanks for the eye candy.

  2. I'm not bored!!! I miss my little terrace in Germany. I would so hang out there more if I could do it over again. I'll have to figure out a way to debug my back patio so I can be outdoors more this year.


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