Sharing A Little Eye Candy for Your Weekend...

mix up your pillows...

Go monochromatic...

What is going on with me and blue...I love it.

 A room perfect for a boho princess...

I love the idea of putting a dresser at the foot of the bed...and the graphic pattern on this dresser is perfection...hum...?

 ...The artwork over the bed...yum.

...We all know how I feel about bohemian bedrooms...sigh.


  1. Oh me oh my, this last room is to swoon over! I can almost smell the spices in the air! The bed is beyond words. Thank you!

  2. The dresser at the end of the bed gives a feeling of African mudcloth...I like it.

  3. All of these are fantastic! I, too, love the pic of the dresser at the foot of the bed. Terrific idea!

  4. l.o.v.e. all of these! And I have a dresser at the foot of my bed! Very convenient!

  5. I like that dresser at the foot of the bed idea.

  6. Loving all of these!! My favorites are probably the colored pillows on the couch and the red contemporary piece and red chair in the second room. Wow!!


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