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Great idea for your or my next party...fill the kitchen sink with ice and cool your drinks.

I love, love, love this head wrap...perfect for those humid bad hair days...just not sure I could pull it off... It is so pretty.

O.K...when I saw this image yesterday...I almost went to Lowes for paint.  Almost.  I'm learning to control my creative urges...Plus, I've been working on my terrace for two days now and all the photos for my gallery wall are still on my dining room table...UGH!  I do not need another project...but, it's so pretty.


  1. I love that kitchen sink idea, a must do.
    And that head wrap is pretty, and I do think you can rock it with your NY boho swag.
    Love that pretty blue kitchen! I never have been drawn to blue in interiors, but this is fresh.

  2. I know right...blue...who would have thought of blue...not me...but, I love it.

  3. I wish I could pull it off Sing...I'm going to post a video and other styles next week...and I may try it and take pics of myself...

  4. That brick wall in the room adds tons of personality to the space. I had a wall in one of my homes like that and I covered it with sheetrock. Now I wish I hadn't.

  5. Ms. Kiki...that happens to me all the time...smile.

  6. Ummm...when do we get to see photos of this terrace project? *taps foot*....waiting, lol.


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