Photo Gallery Wall Reveal...

Finally...after weeks of picking photos and frames I have finally completed my gallery wall.  It's a mixture of old family photos, new family photos, images from the internet, kids art, my art, gifts and masks from around the world.  

...this is the view from the front door...

...this is the view from Mini and my living room is flooded with sunlight most of the day...

...I framed a copy of my grandparents marriage certificate.  They were married in Allendale, South Carolina in 1932 at the age of 18 and 20...Every time I look at it...I'm reminded how lucky we are that they got together when they did...over 100 people were born from that marriage...and they only had 3 children...Imagine...I love thinking about Mini and I wouldn't be here if not for them...hum?

...a friend bought back these beads from

My mom's high school graduation, this is how it came together...I arranged the photos on the floor and when I found a patten I liked...I nailed them to the wall.  I know most blogs advise you to trace your photos onto newspaper and then tape the newspaper to the wall and you'll put less holes in your walls...I'm not afraid of, I skipped all that...


  1. This is stunning! I love having things in the home that bring back memories and just make you smile. I'm like you too, I just eyeball things, if another hole is needed, so be it.
    Great job, I really do love it!

  2. Your gallery wall is beautiful. It's so full of life. I adore it. I'm inspired.

  3. Thanks for sharing this project. This would be a great way for me to organized my pictures...

    mmmm.... I think this is better than putting pictures on table tops all around the house and in scrapbooks everywhere...

    After doing this project any tips on the best type of frames. In other words, did you find certain frames easier to nail to the wall than others?

  4. I want to do a gallery wall in my rental but the walls are covered in mirrors, do you think it would be crazy to try?

  5. I am in AWE! It is fabulous! Beautiful, just beautiful!

  6. Thanks guys...1reign...are you serious about nailing frames to mirrored walls? I guess you could do it with those magic hooks...let me know how that goes...I'll do a post on my tips and ideas for photo walls...

  7. This is off the wall!;-)I absolutely LOVE it!! Beautiful!

  8. LOL, I was thinking of using the command strips/hooks. I will let you know how it goes.

  9. I hope you are able to see my comment- I love the gallery wall. I am finally collecting my pics- (scanning my family pics to a file on my computer) Did you just print the pics from your computer or did you do go to a specific site? I would like to have goo quality pics like yours. Thanks!

  10. Hi 5K...I downloaded my photos from my computer to the photo site. They ask you what Walmart you'd like them printed...and then just pick them up...they were pretty cheap too...I didn't different sizes...most were 4x6, but I had some 8x10's and I think they cost me around $19.00 total.

    So check out and click on photo laboratory. Hope that helps.

  11. Let me add that I love your blog and I also have a picture wall in my home office of all of the women who have inspired me throughout my life.


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