White on White...and my Scandinavian inspiration

...lookie, lookie, lookie...I got this far with my cabinet makeover and I like it so much I may just paint all the wood furniture in my house...

My home has been decorated in almost every decorating style imaginable...traditional, eclectic, afrocentric...etc...I've always had a love of Scandinavian Interior Design and I'm going in that direction for my apartment makeover...

These are just a couple of examples of Scandinavian Interiors...you can see more by visiting these wonderful blogs...here and here...
I like the idea of a gallery in the hall where all the frames are the same color...the simple bench is the perfect accessory for this small space...You will notice that most Scandinavian homes have white floors and walls...During the winter months they have very short days...less hours of sunlight so they like to keep things bright and simple...I luv that, but it's sometimes hard for me to do, I got a lot of stuff...

...I'm thinking about painting my Ikea armoire white...Hum!? What's the worst that can happen? If it doesn't work out I'll just replace the doors...That's the joy of shopping at IKEA...

Scandinavian rooms love to use string lights...and so do I...they put off the most calming light, they're really cheap and they add instant atmosphere...I heart it.


  1. 1. your cabinet makeover looks awesome!!!!!!! so very similar to your inspiration photo! nice job! :)

    2. i heart babies breath! i always purchase a bunch at the grocery store to display in a vase on our family room coffee table, they are so beautiful- yet sooo cheap!


  2. You i.n.s.p.i.r.e!

    Good job!


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