I spy a trend and I like it...

I've been rocking this style since the 90's...So to see it coming back makes me smile...Just think of all the pedicure money you can save and spend on your home instead of your feet...smile. Not saying you should never get a pedicure...but, if this trend continues, you won't need them so often. If you follow this blog, I guess you already know...I'm really low maintenance when it comes to shoes...not sure why...just am...I guess I have other things to ogle over, like chairs...and most shoes in my budget HURT!


  1. ok, I've lurked for a while, but I am coming out on this one. I so love this. Good to see another low maintenance person in regards to shoes. My favorite shoes were my military jungle boots. Loved those things!

  2. Love Love this trend as well!!!


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