Stopped me in my blogging tracks...

This room makes me want to throw out everything I own and start over...(sidebar, that's not a new feeling)...I know the room is a little boring, beige, on beige on beige...but, something about it is really calming to me...I even love the carpet.  The shelving is divine...I would just change out the flowers and the artwork...too generic...and where is the lighting in this room?  Other than that...gorg!


  1. I like those stripes in the pillow cases.That's an idea: wide fabric strips in a contrasting color to slip over pillows...mmmm

  2. def has a very clean look to it. your living room is awesome though lady!

  3. very clean look so true Monique!
    Luv it.

    Add a bounce of color would be good as well.

  4. Wow. Wouldn't survive my boys (even though they're all grown up or nearly so, but one day I'll have a really clean-lined room like this. I really love all the flowers. This weekend I truly tackle the bedroom. I've rearranged it, but still have painting to do and swapping out the knobs that I bought. Loving it so far!

  5. Thanks guys...

    Good work Jenni...can't wait to see how it turns out...are you painting the walls yellow?


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