Brimfield at Home...

...the throw is perfect right here on my newly covered couch...I made new pillows

Mini's new bed is so nice...I put it in her room today...I wanted to wait until July when she get's her annual birthday bedroom makeover, but it was taking up too much room in my tiny hallway...
Mini said the bed reminds her of camp...and that's a good thing...


  1. okay--i love your lil' corner of the world!!!--seriously!!!--and mini's bed looks so comfortable--you sure you're not running a bed and breakfast over there???---love ya much sis!

  2. The throw, sofa cover and pillows are just perfect. Tea and a book and you're good to go. :) Love Mini's bed, too!

  3. Just lovely! Ok, is that an American Girl doll on the window ledge? Love the bedroom!

  4. your sofa pillow came out nice, love the comforter on Mimis bed - the leaves are so pretty and light

  5. she's got it goin' on with that bed and covers.

    nice floors, too.


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