My Brimfield Bounty...

...shelving brackets - $9.00 a pair

...Moroccan stamp - $5.00 / Brass African Ring - $5.00

...Vintage Linens - $10.00 and $3.00

Hand crochet lace throw - $10.00

1940's Solid Wood Headboard/Foot board - $1.00 (not a typo)

A bag of pink chenille trim - $1.00

Red Circle Mirror - $5.00
Antler - $5.00

Brass Door Pulls - .50 cent each

Gold Ceramic Acorn - $1.00

Wooden Buddha Masks - $5.00 each

...Vintage glass bottles - $1 - $3 each
Brass Candle Holder (not clear in picture) $1.00

I have big plans for each and everything I purchased...stay tuned and I'll show you how I use them in my space...Can you believe I got that head/foot board for just one dollar...? Well, at least I got one thing on my list...Mini said we should paint it white...hum...? I felt like a buyer for Anthropologie...Can't you just imagine it all in their store for way.....more?


  1. Amazing finds, each and every piece. I agree with painting the headboards white. Fresh and crisp.

  2. Great finds. And fabulous deals. A dollar for a headboard and footboard, imagine! You never know what you will get at Brimfield. The hardest part is finding someone that loves to browse and stick it out with you for the long hall. Now I am anxious to get to one of the other two Brimfield shows.
    Can't wait to see the fabulous things you will do with all of your newfound treasures.

    Simply Rebecca Studios

  3. i looooooooove all of your unique finds!!! you are such a bargain shopper! just my style. congrats!!! can't wait to see where you use each item!

  4. Oh myyyy, that's a great haul! Congrats. Cannot wait to see what you do with it all. Love those Buddha masks.

  5. WOW!! You found so many great deals, love it.

    The moroccan stamp, would make an amazing stamp detail on curtains! The headboard is a great deal- $ 1.00 buck, wow.

    I love the antler, so much - we've been looking for one for our lving room :)

    Talk about so many goodies!

  6. Great finds. I'm inspired to try out the fleas here in Chicago. Can't wait to see what you do with everything.

  7., i CAN NOT believe about the head/foot board!!!! :-O

    lovely items.


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