How I'd Like to Live Today

You guys know I like to manifest my destiny...and one way to do that is by posting images of things that I would like to have or experience.

This post is just another example of what's appealing to me today.  Clean lines, simplicity in my clothing and home...well, as simple as a bohemian girl like myself willing to go anyway.

The draping and unfinished edges are right up my alley.

The graphic floor is everything.

The idea of a low dresser as a night stand...yes, and yes.

These chairs...sigh...drum shade, check...simple graphic artwork...give it to me.

October Thrift Haul

Hey is my long awaited second thrift haul.  Stay with me as I learn all about editing, lighting, music...etc.  It's not easy for me...but you gotta start somewhere.

Weekend Wardrobe DIY

Seasons seem to get shorter and shorter in NYC...last week it was summer, this week it's winter...with a couple days of fall sprinkled in...just thought I'd share a really easy DIY to update your fall wardrobe.
Boot top socks...
They are this easy to DIY...

Done and go, be cute....and stay warm.

The Power of Color...can change your mood...

I don't know about you, but certain colors can change my mood...take teal for example...always makes me happy.

Inspiration is inspired.

A Quick and Easy DIY

 I was going through my photo archives and came across this DIY.  I photographed it some time ago, guess I never shared...

I found the tea towels at TARGET.

The were the perfect size for covering this small, thrifted, ottoman.

 I only had to cut it third tea towel in half to cover the top and bottom.

 A little hand stitching later and it was done.

Do you ever watch something or hear a piece of music that just makes you want to create something?
Well, that's called inspiration...creative inspiration.  Because, inspiration comes in all forms...but that's a post for another day...

This weekend I was really inspired by the Netflix, documentary, IRIS.

Iris, a New Yorker, who at the age of 91 finds herself the latest fashion it girl.  SO...inspirational in a world that is constantly telling us that we should only value the fashion opinion of 20 year old girls.  

After watching the documentary I found myself in the need of a good fashion project.  When it hit me...I have had a thrifted, vintage, leather jacket for a year now...never worn...why not paint my jacket...?

The following images are for inspiration for my

I love the message painted on the back of Beyonce's

This jacket was painted by belongs to a guy he meet in an elevator...he just took out his markers and started drawing...crazy.

How much do you think it's worth here to read the whole story.

The painted leather has been trending since 2012...and doesn't seem to be dying is Burberry's version.

Burberry Painted Shearling - $3,000.00 +++ - Sold Out at Neiman Marcus

Everyone is getting on the trend...this is a DIY...Love it.

Let's Chit-Chat Video...catch up

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It's that time of year again...throw it away

 It's my favorite time of the year...fall.
I love everything about weather, sweaters, back to school, boots and new fall t.v. line up...just thinking about it makes me want to curl up under a nice, warm, faux fur, this
 My imagination is not limited to the occasional faux throw on the living room couch...Oh, no...I want them everywhere...even in the kitchen.

 I even want one on the bathroom tiny bathroom floor.

 Nothing adds instant glamour like a white, faux throw.

 How I look when I'm relaxing and thinking about Mini having the time of her life at Spelman College.  LoL.

Head over to IKEA to get your own for pennies...

I Have a New York "accent"

I was speaking with a client...trying to convince them to add an wallpaper accent wall in their bedroom. 

Not an easy thing to do...when you say, "wallpaper" most people think of their grandma's dining room.

If you are nodding your head in agreement...let me show you how wrong you are...wallpaper has come a long way baby..
...this simple herringbone paper can be easily copied by painting free wallpaper needed.

This is my favorite.  A beautiful black and white graphic "temporary" wallpaper...that's right, I said "temporary"...peel and stick baby.
Get you some here, on ETSY.

Okay, I know some of you are still a little leery...why not use it on the side of your dresser draw?  ...peek a boo.

This is my favorite...yellow is becoming my new favorite color...sigh.

These dots can be picked up at any craft store or you could make them yourself by using a scrap paper circle cutter and the wallpaper of your choice.

Now this DIY is something I may try very soon in my entryway.  I'll use the temporary wallpaper I purchased at the dollar store...cut triangles and viola.

...can't go wrong with a kitchen accent wall.

...or a door.

Go ahead.  Make your house a home...infused with your personality.

Fall Fashion Trend - Poncho

If I could I would live in a poncho.  It is has been my go to outerwear for years.  I don't care about trends...I wear what I like...and I have loved ponchos since high school...good thing for me they are back in style, AGAIN...and I already own lots.

Be Inspired to rock your poncho this fall.

You can't go wrong with a belted poncho. 

My favorite way to style a poncho is with shorts, tights and booties.

 All the cool kids will be wearing them with ripped jeans and heels.

The perfect item for traveling.
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